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Concrete Cutting and Drilling

makita-ek6101 (ps) without blade (GIF).gif
Makita Demo Saw
14", 4-strock gas demo saws
16inch-Saw GIF.gif
EDCO Electric Demo Saw
Edco 16" electric demosaw with water. Can be used with 12", 14", or 16" blades, soft start for no power problems. Can be used with a garden hose or our pump sprayer for dust control.
EDCO Electric Demo Saw on Cart
EDCO 16" electric demo saw on a cart. Ideal for longer cuts indoors
EDCO SK14-13H 14in FLOOR SAW NBG.gif
EDCO 14" Gas Floor Saw
DS18G GIF.gif
EDCO 18" Gas Floor Saw
SS24 GIF.gif
EDCO 24" Self-Propelled Gas Floor Saw
0084973801156_P255045_500X500 GIF.gif
Diteq Handheld Wet Diamond Core Drill
Handheld core drill with water hook-up that can handle 1" - 4" bits
Diteq Wet Diamond Core Drill (Floor & Wall Mounted)
Diamond core drill rig that can handle bits from 2" to 12" with an easy to mount wall base or upright with suction pad
pumptank GIF.gif
Water Tank
Both diamond core drills, all demo saws, and all floor saws can be used with a pump tank if a water source is not accessible 
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