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Flooring Removal

5700 ride on.png
National Flooring Equipment 5700 Ride-On
This all day battery ride-on machine powers through an average eight hour day without requiring a battery recharge or electrical cord assistance. The onboard, built-in charging system has the versatility to plug into any outlet. There are no harmful fumes or hazardous bi-products, with the weights out it will fit in residential elevators and it is narrow enough to fit in a 34 inch door; this machine can operate on almost any job. 
25.5" wide, 47.5 high, 2200lbs. Hydraulic slide plate (increases productivity over 20%)
Wolff Turbo Floor Stripper
A 480lbs self-propelled machine with a hammering action used to remove carpet, vinyl tile, glue, and 3/4" hardwood wood flooring glued to concrete. The four weights can be removed (less than 200lbs) for easy transportation. 3 weight positions for adjusting aggressiveness
wolff-15539 GIF.gif
Wolff Duro Tile & Carpet Remover
Most powerful manual lite-weight (35lbs) machine on the market. With 8500 oscillating strokes per minute, it uses an 8" wide blade to remove carpet and vinyl tile from concrete

*Normally when removing flooring with a commercial floor removing tool the glue is removed with the tile or carpet. Should you wish to level or clean up all the residue please go to our "concrete surface prep/ diamond grinding' page.
Hammer on Cart gif.gif
Bosch Hammer on Trolly
Ideal for ceramic tile removal. Adjustable height
Long Reach Air Chisel
ScraperWithShank GIF.gif
Special bits
Used for removing ceramic tile, marble, thinset and more from concrete. Special 6" metal blade used with large hand held bosch electric hammer
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